Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mt Pasubio Hike

I went on a several hour tour of the Dolomites. I hiked up the Strada delle Gallerie, which is the trail of tunnels. 52 tunnels to be exact. The trail is one of the unique engineering achievements of the Italian Allied forces during World War I. The tunnels of Mt. Pasubio were built and used 1915-18 to provide lateral lines of communication and supply to the Italian V Corps in the Pasubio area.

Strikingly different from the French and Swiss Alps, the limestone Dolomites of northern Italy rise dramatically from Alpine Valleys to form startling, spire-like peaks and towering canyonesque rock faces. The Strada courses along the cliff edge, providing spectacular views that get better and better as you climb the consistent 11% grade.

After the 52nd tunnel there is a mountain refuge so modern that "refuge" doesn't seem to suit it much. I had the menu fisso (fixed menu) for lunch before heading back down the other side of the mountain.

Click the arrow below to see a video clip I took of the trail.