Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow! I knew I was bad at keeping up with most of the projects that I start, but this blog has seriously seen some neglect. I don't even know where to begin catching up...
We are leaving Italy. soon. 41 days to be exact.
I try to put things in as positive as a light as possible, but I can't help but say I am excited to leave Italy. The last few (3) years have had some excellent highlights, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I'm with Mateo than Italy itself.
That's not to say that Europe hasn't been kind to us.
Most recently, I visited Amsterdam, Belgium and France. All of which captured my heart. I loved them all. I figured that French absolutely has to be the next language that I learn. I found the people in all three places to be so warm-hearted, jovial, open, patient with my lack of knowledge, and helpful. I can't say enough good things about all three places-- not to mention their gastronomic specialties!
With only a little over a month left here, Mateo and I have quite a bit on our plates to accomplish. He is getting out of the Army. We're moving into to "normal" civilian life in the states. And there is a lot to do with "out-processing" in the Army. Not to mention all our last-minute trips and visits to our favoured towns and restaurants and people.
To make things all the more "pressed," we've decided to take a trip to Poland and the Ukraine to see what life is like there and visit the town form which Mateo's grandmother departed to Ellis Island.
We're taking public transportation throughout the trip and leaving a lot of planning up to chance, as I've heard a lot of navigating through Poland and Ukraine is unpredictable. I've been advised to carry a $10 bill around for bribing the bus drivers and to avoid taking pictures of the teenagers taping cases of cigarettes to their legs at the border of Poland/Ukraine.
I am looking forward to the natural beauties that await us, including old forests, wild bison, salt mines, and the like, and the learning more about country living in these countries.
Our trip to Slovenia countryside was AWESOME, so I am expecting this trip to also be awkward and rewarding.
Wish us luck!
Our internet & phone will be 100% out of commission beginning March 15th. From then on out, we'll be depending on the library's internet connection and good old pay phones. We have a very portable laptop computer, which I will hopefully be writing jounral entries on. I will be able to put them on this blog whenever we are fortunate enough to come across some internet access along our travels.
Stay tuned!
We can't wait to see you and begin our new adventure in civilian life.